Jan 8 2008:
Hello and Welcome to 2008.

We would like to take this opportunity to share with you our schedule for the coming year, both in terms of software updates as well as continued development of new functionality. For PowerForce (Release 8), we are scheduling to upgrade all our customers to this new release as early as possible and no later than March 30.

The base software upon which PowerForce is built is moving forward and therefore so must we and in turn you our clients. As an example, the software update will open up PowerForce to web access in future releases and immediately delivers you a suite of enhancements as noted below.

Our first goal for the next three months is to update all of our client base to the new release as promptly as possible.

 A few new items in Release 8.
  • New SMS functionality & integration
  • New Report Writers for your use, including report exporting into various external formats.
  • Printing of Task Lists
  • Web Enablement (New module)
  • Unlocking Payroll Batches (no calling Helpdesk to un-commit)
  • Payroll in progress locks
  • MultiLevel Overtime rates
  • Changes to Award Interpreter to create RDO and Agg Hours into Roster and Not payroll to show cost at roster level
  • Allowance Capping at Roster Level (apportioned across Shifts)
  • Shift Auditing
  • Cancelled Shift History
  • Advanced Search Function from the Scheduling workbenches
  • Logging of Shift offer/reject status
  • Defining gender on a per shift basis
  • Cut/Paste & Drag/Drop (in Rel 8.1)
  • Create multiple varying ad-hoc shifts for a client in spreadsheet type format
  • Link a Scheduling Code to a Role Type
  • Define an override shift length for a Scheduling Code
  • Define shift linkages
  • Enhanced User Security to manage the ability to delete and confirm shifts on a per user basis

 Currently: The mid-term schedule includes:

  • New Scheduling workbench (complete rewrite) faster and more flexible
  • Data warehousing (new module)
  • Web enquiry into PowerForce (new module)
  • Online Helpdesk for access of client helpdesk issues
  • Sub-contractor specific versions of PowerForce (New module) enabling you to communicate electronically with your sub-contractors

 New: Features that you will see in the product will include:

  • Life style rostering
  • Equitable rostering
  • Self rostering
  • Co-rostering
  • Shift swaps
  • Self rostering of overtime
  • Automated software updates


The long-term goals include:

  • The migration of the core processing onto SQL backed databases.
  • Extending the current employee biographical module into a complete HR system.
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